Can I save multiple favorite station streams?

The app offers the option to save one “primary station,” and other ways to easily access any additional stations you want to listen to.

The “primary station” option provides quick access to your most-used station stream via the app’s “Live Radio” screen.

You can use the “Live Radio” screen to access other member station streams as well. First, tap “Find Stations” to search for additional member stations and play any stream from the search results. The stations you have listened to are also saved under “Live Radio” in the app — just tap the “Recently Streamed” button to find all of the stations you’ve listened to in the last thirty days.

Based on user feedback, we are also planning some improvements to “Live Radio” to make finding and listening to multiple stations’ streams even easier. Please feel encouraged to share your station streaming habits with us on our Contact Us page. ​
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