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How do I turn off push notifications?

Allowing or disabling push notifications is controlled through your phone's native settings. iPhone users: Open your Settings app, select "Notifications," find and select NPR News from your list of applications, then slide the "Allow Notifications" option to the off position. Android users: On Android version 4, open the Settings (gear) button ...

What are some of the features available in the NPR News app?

The NPR News app offers a personal playlist for saving the stories you wish to hear. You can also listen to NPR News in the background while you perform other actions on your mobile device. You’ll have access to NPR Newscasts, stories from popular NPR programs like Morning Edition and All Things Considered, live audio for special NPR coverage, and ...

Which devices can use the NPR News app?

We offer the NPR News app for Android and iOS devices.

Can I access my local station stream in the NPR News app?

Yes. iOS users can tap the Stations icon located in the bottom navigation bar of the app. Android users will find the Stations option in a drop down menu next to the NPR logo in the top navigation bar.

Can I view links and videos in the NPR News app?

No. Links, videos and interactive maps do not show up in the NPR News app. To access these features, you will have to visit via a computer or your mobile device.

How can I increase the font size in the NPR News app?

iPhone users can tap the More button in the bottom navigation bar of the app to access the story font size option. On an iPad, a font size option appears on each individual story page. Tap the AA icon to adjust the font size. Android users can select the Settings option from the app’s main dropdown menu. On the Settings page for the Android app, ...

Can I zoom in or out of photos in the NPR News app?

Yes. Tap on any photo for an enlarged view. Tap again to zoom back out. Pinch/zoom is not available.

How do I delete articles from my NPR News app playlist?

On iOS devices, swipe left on any story in your playlist to reveal the delete option; On Android devices, simply swipe right to delete items from the playlist.

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