Which browsers and operating systems are supported by

In order to properly view or access all of the content and features at, you need to make certain that you use a supported browser and operating system. Here is a list of the browsers that we currently support: PC Users - Windows 10: Chrome (latest version) Firefox (latest version) Mac users - OS 10.13: Chrome (latest version) Firefox (la...

How long do stories and music stay in my "Playlist" and my "History"?

Audio added to your playlist at will automatically disappear after 36 hours of inactivity. Once you have listened to an audio segment, the item will move to your History. Items in your History will also disappear after 36 hours of inactivity.

How can I listen to older NPR audio that displays a Real Media option?

Most NPR stories produced before mid-2002 are only available in the Real Media audio format at You will see a ‘Real Media’ option beneath the Listen banner on those stories. Various tools available online for download can play NPR's Real Media audio – and Windows Media audio – but NPR cannot make particular recommendations.

What happens to audio that is playing if I refresh my browser?

If you refresh your browser, audio will stop, but you will have the option to resume listening. If more than 36 hours have passed since you were active on the site, the audio will no longer be available to resume, but you can find it on the site and play it again.

What are the keyboard shortcuts for using the audio player?

Here are some helpful keyboard shortcuts for using the audio player on NPR's website: play and pause audio: command-shift-spaceBar (Mac) / control-shift-spaceBar (Windows) rewind audio: command-shift-leftArrow (Mac) / control-shift-leftArrow (Windows) skip to the next story in your playlist: command-shift-rightArrow (Mac) / control-shift-rightAr...