How can I make a donation to my local station?

A donation to your local station is always the best way to support the public radio system as a whole. Visit our donations portal to make a contribution. We also offer an option to support your favorite NPR podcast while making a contribution to your local station.

How do I change the credit card information for my monthly contribution?

To update or change the payment details for your monthly contribution to a local public radio station, please contact your NPR Member station directly. Donations are handled independently by each station at the local level. If you aren't sure how to find a station's website, visit our station finder tool.

How do I make a vehicle donation?

Vehicle donations are coordinated independently by local public radio stations. Contact the NPR Member station in your community directly for details. If you are not certain how to locate the website and contact information for the station in your area, you can use our handy Station Finder tool.

Where can I obtain a receipt of my donation for tax purposes?

To request a donation receipt, please contact your local NPR Member station directly. If you aren't sure how to find the contact information or website for your local station, use NPR's station finder tool.

Who should I contact if I didn't receive my free gift for a donation?

Local NPR Member stations sometimes offer gifts to donors as a special thanks for support. If you made a donation and haven't yet received a gift that was offered, please contact your local station directly. If you aren't sure how to find your station's website, use NPR's station finder tool.

How can my online purchases support NPR programming?

NPR has agreements with independent online retailers that enable visitors to to purchase books, music and other related merchandise mentioned on NPR through third party sites. A portion of that revenue is designated to NPR. These funds are used to support NPR programming online and on air. NPR only receives this money if you shop through on...