Where can I find NPR podcasts?

Our podcast directory showcases NPR podcasts as well as an exciting cross-section of content produced by local NPR stations. You can also find NPR podcasts in Apple podcasts or in the podcast app you use on your mobile device.

How do I subscribe to an NPR podcast?

You will find a subscribe button on the home page for any podcast in NPR's podcast directory. Use that button to subscribe via Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, or to copy and paste an RSS link in to your preferred podcast tool. On an iPhone, open the Podcast app and use the search tab to find the NPR podcast you’re looking for. Tap the podcast icon, th...

Where can I find NPR RSS feeds?

Every section of npr.org offers an RSS feed of its stories. To subscribe to a topic or show, paste the URL of a topic page, a program home page, or a story page into your RSS reader of choice. The reader should recognize the RSS feed within the page and allow you to subscribe. Also, all podcasts from NPR and its member stations are available for R...

Are there sponsorship messages in NPR podcasts?

Yes. NPR accepts corporate sponsorship to offset production and delivery costs. NPR's podcast sponsorship messages adhere to the same standards as those you hear on the radio.