Stories & Music

How can I find a story or program I heard?

Your best first option is always a keyword search. We recommend that you search directly and that you also try using your Internet search engine of choice. If a keyword search is unsuccessful, there are several other strategies we can recommend. The type of search you will want to try depends largely on the details you can recall about w...

How can I find a music interlude I heard?

To find the music interludes for NPR programs (such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered, etc.), please select a show from the drop-down 'Programs & Podcasts' menu at the top of the homepage. Once on the program's homepage, you’ll see a rundown of stories and music from the most recent broadcast. You will also be able to navigate t...

Where can I find NPR stories produced before 1996?

Transcripts and audio for NPR stories produced prior to 1996 can be found at the University of Maryland Library or the Library of Congress.