I have a question regarding my donation with Apple Pay or Google Pay

All donations made by you through the NPR One app with Apple Pay or Google Pay are received directly by the NPR Member station that you contributed to.
If you have any questions about your Apple Pay and Google Pay donation please contact the station that you contributed to along with the transaction ID so that they can help you. You can find your transaction ID in the email receipt that you received after your donation was completed.
To request a donation receipt, please contact your local NPR Member station directly. Your station's website should also provide the information you need to claim your donation as tax deductible. If you need any help finding your station's website, use our station finder tool. Or, feel free to email us using the 'Contact the NPR One Team' button below and we'll make sure your message gets to the right place.
Donations in NPR One with Apple Pay and Google Pay are only one-time donations to your NPR Member station.
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