What are the Alexa voice commands for NPR One?

Use these voice commands with Alexa to hear the latest news, stories, and podcasts from NPR One:

Alexa, play NPR One

Hear the top local and national news of the moment and a flow of thoughtfully hand-curated stories.

Alexa, ask NPR One to play the latest news
Jump directly to the latest newscast.

Alexa, ask NPR One to recommend a podcast
Listen to standout podcast episodes curated by our editors, and more shows picked just for you.

Alexa, ask NPR One to play [show name]
Listen to a specific show.

Alexa, ask NPR One to mark as interesting
Mark a story as  interesting.

Alexa, ask NPR One to [fast forward 15 seconds]
Rewind or fast forward by seconds or minutes, however long you prefer.

Alexa, skip
Skip the current story.

Alexa, ask NPR One for details
Get the details for the story currently playing.

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