How do I subscribe to an NPR podcast?

You will find a "subscribe" button on the home page for any podcast in NPR's podcast directory. Use that button to subscribe via Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, or to copy and paste an RSS link in to your preferred podcast tool.

On an iPhone, open the Podcast app and use the search tab to find the NPR podcast you’re looking for. Tap the podcast icon, then tap the "subscribe" button.
When you subscribe to any application, you’ll automatically receive new episodes as they are released. Each podcast has its own publication schedule, but if you subscribe, you’ll receive them as soon as they are published.

You can always stream or download episodes of NPR’s podcasts on if you’re at your desktop computer. Just hit the “listen” button or add multiple episodes to the playlist of NPR’s media player (upper right-hand side of the screen). The download option is available under the three ellipses (more) icon.

You can also find and subscribe to podcasts in NPR One.