How can I find a music interlude I heard?

To find the music interludes for NPR programs (such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered, etc.), please select a show from the drop-down 'Programs & Podcasts' menu at the top of the homepage. Once on the program's homepage, you’ll see a rundown of stories and music from the most recent broadcast. You will also be able to navigate to past shows. 

Music interludes are listed between stories in the broadcast rundowns for most programs at Often these interludes include a "Buy" link leading you to a music provider where you may preview and/or purchase the song or composition.

Please keep in mind that the overall availability of music can vary from program to program. If any information is missing from the rundown, it is possible that we were not able to find a record of a particular music interlude that was used.

If you can't find a program you are looking for on, chances are NPR doesn't produce that show. There are a number of programs heard on public radio that are not produced by NPR (including This American Life, A Prairie Home Companion, Marketplace, and others). Try an Internet keyword search to track down the website of the show you are looking for.