How can I find a story or program I heard?

Your best first option is always a keyword search.

We recommend that you search directly and that you also try using your Internet search engine of choice.

If a keyword search is unsuccessful, there are several other strategies we can recommend. The type of search you will want to try depends largely on the details you can recall about what you heard.
Know exactly which show you were listening to?

Select that show from the drop-down 'Programs & Podcasts' menu at the top of the homepage. You will then be taken to the homepage of the specific program you selected. There, the most recent broadcast rundown will appear. A broadcast rundown is a list of the stories and/or music that aired on a particular day. You will also find options on that page to navigate to the archived broadcast date of your choosing.

Can’t find the show you are looking for on NPR's website?

Many public radio programs are produced or distributed by other public radio networks (such as APM or PRI), by independent producers, or by local public radio stations. This includes popular programs such as This American Life, Live From Here, and Marketplace. You can find a list of links to the websites of many popular public radio programs here.

Not sure what show you were listening to?

Use NPR’s Station Finder to find your local station. Once on the Member station’s site, check their program schedule. If you know the approximate time and day you were listening, the program schedule will tell you what show was on the air at that time.

If you still can't find the story you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance. We'll be happy to see what we can find.