Help finding a story or program you heard

We are happy to offer you some tips for locating stories heard on public radio. provides several years of archived show information and audio for many programs produced or distributed by NPR.

A simple keyword search at is often the easiest way to find a story. Results can be sorted by date or relevance.

If you are not having luck with a keyword search, but you know which program you were listening to, simply select the show from the drop-down 'Programs' menu at the top of the homepage. You will be taken to the main page for the program you have selected. There, the most recent broadcast rundown will appear, as well as an option that will enable you to navigate to the archived broadcast date of your choosing.

If you are not certain what program you were listening to, or if the show in question does not appear on the NPR programs page, visit your local station’s website and check their broadcast schedule. NPR member stations air some content that is neither produced nor distributed by NPR. If you need assistance locating the website of the public radio provider in your community, use NPR's Station Finder.

Many public radio programs are produced or distributed by other public radio networks, by independent producers, or by local public radio stations. This includes popular programs such as This American Life, Prairie Home Companion, and Marketplace. You can find a list of links to the websites of many popular public radio programs here.

You may also wish to consult your internet search engine of choice.

Finally, if you are still unable to find the story, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. We are happy to help you locate a story heard on public radio.


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