Donations FAQ


Where can I go at to make a donation?

The support public radio feature makes it easy for you to donate to your local station. You can find a red support public radio> box at the top of the website. There is also a red Donate link at the bottom of every page at Either will lead you to the same page for donations. Local stations depend on listener support for the majority of their budgets, and the largest part of NPR's funding comes directly from stations. When you give to your local station, you're supporting your station and NPR.

How do I make a vehicle donation to support NPR programming?

Vehicle donations are coordinated independently by NPR member stations at the local level. Please contact the public radio station in your community for details on how to donate your car. If you need assistance locating contact information for the public radio provider in your community, use our Station Finder Tool. Car Talk also runs a vehicle donation program, with all proceeds going to benefit your local station. You can find information for how to donate your car through their program here, or by calling 866-789-TMCP (8627 – Take My Car, Please!).

Where can I obtain a receipt of my donation, for tax purposes?

For information regarding your donation and a donation receipt, please contact your local member station directly. You can find your local member station's contact info by using our Station Finder Tool.

I was told I would receive a gift with my donation, but I have not received it. Who should I contact?

For information regarding your generous contribution and receipt of your free gift, please contact your local member station directly. You can find the appropriate contact information by using our Station Finder Tool.

How can I donate to NPR directly?

Member stations provide NPR’s largest source of operating revenue. They pay fees for the programs they choose to broadcast, such as Morning Edition and Car Talk, and they broadcast the national sponsorship credits heard in NPR programs. This is just one reason why NPR strongly encourages listeners to contribute to their local stations – strong stations literally make a strong NPR possible.
For those listeners who would prefer to donate to NPR directly in addition to giving to their local member station, please contact us.