Local membership and community support are the life blood of the hundreds of NPR Member stations nation-wide. With the support of millions of listener donors, member stations provide the rich, local journalism, and cultural programming needed by their communities. NPR thanks everyone who has called in during a pledge drive, made a gift online or entertained a request for a capital campaign commitment for a member station. You ensure the vibrancy of public radio.

Through the NPR Foundation, donors who value NPR are able to support NPR's long-term financial health and help us fulfill our mission "to create a more informed public - one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding of events, ideas, and cultures."

Approximately half of NPR's annual operating revenue is contributed from the private sector, primarily from corporations and foundations. NPR receives no direct support from the federal government; typically one to two percent of our annual budget comes from grants from government agencies, for which we must apply. The remaining half of our budget comes from member stations and the fees paid by stations to air our programming.


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